U.S. Accused: Two Chinese hackers Attempts To Steal COVID-19 Research

U.S. Accused: Two Chinese hackers Attempts To Steal COVID-19 Research

Less than a week after novavax a Maryland biotech firm announced that it researching a potential COVID vaccine. FBI says computer hackers in china named; LI Xiaolu  and Dong Jiazhi search for ways to hack into novavax Maryland biotech computers. although they didn't succeed in stealing anything the justice department said but their cyberattacks were potential distraction.

Now both of these two are wanted by the U.S federal government. They also tried to hack into 3 other US companies who working on COVID-19 testing and treatment. 

These same Chinese hackers were indicated as part of a broader scheme going back 10 years. They are also accused of stealing weapons designs, drugs information and even Chinese dissidents.
The Chinese suspects remain at large, and federal officials concede they are not likely to be arrested.

Asst. Attorney General for National Security, JOHN DEMERS said ;

we are concerned that the hacking or even attemped hacing of that information can slow down the research .
 The Fbi says the two Chinese men targeted companies in other countries doing COVID research. This attack is worldwide and specifically targets big tech companies, tech firms and military contractors.
Sometimes they do it profit and sometimes they steal secret at the request of Chinese intelligence officers.
MR. JOHN DEMERS also stated, " When china violates criminal laws and international norms we will not tolerate it ".
US officials have been saying for a week now that China is trying to steal America COVID-19 secrets/vaccine. But this is the first time anybody is actually charged with trying to do it.NovaVax says it confident it can continue its vaccine without disruption.

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