How Hackers Take over Your Account Using Social Engineering

How hackers Take over You account Using social Engineering

A hack cybercriminal used that relies on charm and persuasion to get access to your info and even your money is termed as  Social Engineering. This attack was used to attack Erynn Tomlinson, the founder of form fitness.she is also a formal cryptocurrency exec who though her info was secure from hackers. She stated that "I never thought she would be a victim. But that wasn't the case.she said the hackers took  $30,000 equivalent in crypto."

Erynn case might sound extreme, but she's not alone. In 2017 Tellus gave out one customer's personal info to her stalker, putting her info and her security at risk. Just last year, the Canadian government ordered all companies to report all hacks to Canada's privacy commissioner. Since then, there have been over a dozen cases involving social Engineering in the telco sector alone. and Companies around the world admit social Engineering attacks are on the rise.

Hackers actually spend time trying to force human errors. But Expert says Social engineering attack is just psychology (understand how people are gonna react to something you can easily manipulate them into giving you what your information or access to things that the shouldn't ).

Hackers Review was able to have a conversation with kelvin Mitnick(WORLD MOST FAMOUS HACKER). he was on top of FBI most wanted of all times, he hacked into 40 big companies, even went to prison for 5 years.
he said  " Not for their information, per se. it was the challenge of through their security. for me, it was all about the pursuit of knowledge it was never about causing any harm, never about making any money ."

Mitnick says part of the problem is those security question companies use to verify you. he made it clear that companies shouldn't ask personal information in the process ex. name of a pet ,  what high you attend or even mother middle name. he said this kind of information is all over the internet , making it easier for a hacker to take over control you customers account.
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