Hackers Hijack CoinCheck's Domain Name

        Hackers hijack  Coincheck's Domain
Coincheck, a Japanese exchange, says hackers have taken possession or seized one of its domain names on their domain registrar's account. On Tuesday, Coincheck suspended operations while the exchange investigates the accident,  on its website. 

On Monday, which was on the  1st  June  2020, when the Coincheck gain access to its domain, they said the attack was detected following an anomaly in traffic. coincheck organisation believed the  Hackers have reached out to their clients and have inquired them to verify the information which could allow the hacker to later reuse it to gain access on for hacking accounts and stealing funds.

According to an incident report published yesterday, Coincheck identified the attack following traffic anomaly and stopped sending them as they review the incident that took place on Sunday. The organization state the early attack was carried out on Oname.com, which Damian registrar and the hackers used an optical domain to search the primary DNS entry for the exchange.

Coincheck said approximately 200 customers seem to be involved in the hackers. The exchange said there was no proof that hackers ever used the information they got to violate their client's accounts.

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