Iran Hackers Uses Telegram and other chat App to Spy

A cybersecurity researcher  Bob Diachenko discovered over 40 million Iranians personal details & information posted on darweb forum  by a group called Hunting System .In our review on this issue, we contacted Telegram to explain why they left their users exposes to suck treats of which they said

" the data came from unofficial  version  Telegram's  that is not associated with the business."Unfortunately , people in Iran continue to use unverified apps despite our warnings

 Has we all know a telegram is an open-source software which allows third-party to create and modify their own version of the app. Also stated because of telegram official app been banned by the Iran Govt most user who prefer to still use telegram have to go for the unofficial version of the app which leads to this masaca  of Spy.
The Database consists of Username , Phone number , Secret keys & Account Id, though telegram explains that the secret can not be used to access the account but works inside the app.

The details in this revealed database represent a clear danger for users. This not only exposes who uses Telegram in Iran it also makes them vulnerable for attack. The data can also be used to duplicate accounts of persons , spy on private conversations, recognise  & identify  people using Telegram securely or spread disinformation or misinformation to particular groups

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