Skills To become an Ethical Hacker - Class 1 (section A)

Skills To become an Ethical Hacker

You will need to develop skills as a hacker, which will help you get the right results. These skills include you being a programmer, the use of the internet and to take advantage of all  this .

Here will be the list of covered topics for today,

  1. what's programming language?
  2. Why should you learn programming?
  3. What language should you learn?
  4. Know how to make good use of the Internet and search engines

 What's Programming Language?

A programming Language  is a language used in the development of computer programs.
                      WHILE Programming
Programming is when creating a set of rules telling a computer how to do.

I specifically drop the Programming definition here because most people confuse them self with Programming && Programming Language.

            Why should you learn programming?

  • Hackers are Problem solvers ,develop tool for their works ,they are Artist < the question here is how can you be an artist without and skills in hand >
  • Writing programs will also assist you in detecting and exploiting programming errors in applications that you seek.
  • Help you automate several tasks that would normally take a long time to complete 

                 What language should you learn?

To know the language you need to choose, It all depend on the platforms or  computer system

  1. HTML - Language used in the creating webpages.  (Cross platform)
Account forms and other methods of data entry on the web use HTML forms to gather information. Being able to write and read HTML, it enables identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in the code easy for you.

      2.JavaScript Built to make Website creation look more appealing (Cross platform)

JavaScript code is run on the browsing application. It can be used to read cookies stored, and to cross-site script (XSS), etc.

      3.PHP - Server side Language (Cross platform)

PHP is among the most frequently used languages in Web programming. It is used for editing HTML files and performing certain customised tasks. A software program that modifies settings on a web server and renders the server vulnerable to attacks could be written in PHP.

     4. SQL - language use to communicate with the database  (Cross platform)

 extract data from the database using SQL injection

     5.Python - the Highest level programming language (Cross platform)
this language is mostly used for building tools and script ,they can also be used to customised already built tool to satisfy  your own needs

they are more language just we couldn't cover it all today

  Know how to use the internet and search engines effectively to gather information

we may continue this lesson tomorrow with more  detail  information 

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