Singapore Govt Annouce to Teachers to Stop Using Zoom after Hackers Clash Class Gathering

Minister of Education in Singapore annouce  to the citizens of singapore to stop using Zoom (video conference service ) after a concerned parent reported on thursday " on the 09- Apr-20 that her daughter’s who were have geography class   was interrupted by 2 men asking the girls to stripe of their clothes .

This incident happen during the first week ( @ study at home ), Aaron Loh a spoke man for the minitry ;said  teachers wil have to defer the used of Zoom untill all security issue have been resolved .He also said that  teachers should not share class meeting links to anyone who's not part of a class and also add  a special login or 2Fa .

Aaron Loh also report have been made to the police and all files & documents has been given to them to feature their investigation .

While taken into concern Singapore School are not the only school or Oragnization to ban  teachers from using Zoom for class leason . Ex like New York City’s Department of Education ,SpaceX and Google becuase of security issues.

Zoom Spoke person said their have been deeply affect by the decision made by Organization and promised to fixed all security treat on their software and gain back the trust of all lost souls again 
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