Critical Vulnerability Found In FPGA Computer Chips

Researcher from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum's Horst Gortz Institute and the Max Planck Institute has made a recent discovery on the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chips.This Vulnerable allow any Attacker to gain full control of the chip and it functionalities, this type of bug is called the 'StarBleed " vulnerability.

The researchers were able to successfully penetrate the bitstream encryption of Xilinx 7-Series and Virtex-6 devices in their analysis.

The FPGA chips are mostly none to be used in medical field or the Aviation , since the vulnerable exist in the hardware this critical security bug can only be fixed by replacing the chips .

If an attacker has access to the bitstream and breaks its confidentiality, he can reverse-engineer the design, clone intellectual property, or gather information for subsequent attacks e.g., by finding cryptographic keys or other design aspects of a system. If the adversary succeeds in violating the bitstream authenticity, he can then change the functionality, implant hardware Trojans, or even physically destroy the system in which the FPGA is embedded by using configuration outside the specifications. Abeerah Hashim said 

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