Zoom Mobile App secretly Shares your Data with Facebook

Vice has disclosed these days how the Zoom video conference app violates iPhone customers 'privacy. They are particularly clear about how the Zoom iOS app preserves facebook information for users.Zoom iOS app is known in its submission also for customers who do not use facebook. This is because Zoom uses a facebook API which allows the technology company to exchange statistics with facebook.

Zoom not only signals facebook when a customer opens an app, but also send user statistics including system edition, network, city and time industry.While the use of FACEBOOKAPIs to compare the truth with facebook for applications is no longer bizarre. so users haven't a idea about Zoom's iOS device. In the Privacy Policy, Zoom did not claim that. Everything they said is ready to collect facebook account records from your users. And the 'automatic collection' of records from Google Analytics's 0.33-birthday party services, with the inclusion of facebook in particular.

Consequently, for iOS users it appears a privacy violation. It also appears to breach the terms of Facebook. According to facebook technology, applicators who use fb's SDK have to notify users specifically about it.

Although Zoom never commented about this issue
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