UK Government Announce to Take Down all Misleading Website on the COVID-19

Today morning the UK Government has launched a team to counter the misleading and bogus online distribution of the coronavirus case .The team is responsible for identifying statements which are intended to misinform or lie to human beings and, where possible, to respond to them.

DCMS has confirmed that they collaborate with communication experts to ensure that agencies are prepared to do so when appropriate. The department of Virtualism, Style of Life, Media and Leisure
This can be helpful to social media companies to track and avoid the spreading of misinformation.

DCMS Secretary of State Oliver Dowden has claimed that protecting the state against disinformation and virtual intrusion is a pinnacle of precedence. Through our ongoing paintings, we have put together groups of experts to deal with these threats and ensure that we can respond effectively to these threats as regards the creation of Covid-19.
This tableau is made up of a regular partnership with social media companies, able to track and restrict the misinformation and ensure that we are at the front foot, if necessary.
As at 8 March in the morning, 273 cases of sickness were reported in the United Kingdom and over 23,500 people were screened. More than 105,500 cases have been reported worldwide in conjunction with the World Health Organization.

The other weeks, 8 potential coronavirus vaccines, funded by a United Kingdom investment, were under production, High Minister Boris Johnson said.The PM visited the Mologic laboratory in Bedfordshire on 6 March, where experts develop rapid diagnostic inspections which enable medical workers or even domestic human beings to recognize the disease promptly.That means that you might not be dependent on qualified services, as samples are actually being sent to a laboratory for testing. The procedure can take several days.

Most Reason is this misleading website are run by cyber-criminals , which they used this kind of website to get more information on it victim.
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