Project Sandcastle - Now let Apple Iphone users to Install Android Os on their device

Thinking of Installing Android Operating System on your Iphone, However it now possible thanks to the new projects Project Sandcastle.

Undertaken by Corellium's cybersecurity Team, the project is the culmination of a 13-year development effort to migrate Android to iOS and also reveals that the much-vaunted safety barriers of Apple may actually be jeopardized.

"Where sandboxes set limits and boundaries, sandcastles give you the opportunity to create something new out of your imagination'" says the website of the project. The iPhone prevents users from using a sandbox, but once purchase a Apple device you own it hardware."

For the time being, only a few devices such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPod Touch will run a tailored Android version that comes with the Free Launcher and the secure Messaging Signal app.

But in the time of writing this posted there has been a few bugs (just a few technical issue) Audio, cellular modem, Bluetooth and camera not working .

Jails — Just like  rooting in  Android — is an escalating privileges process that allows iOS users to revoke Apple-imposed device limitations so that the company's mural garden can be circumvented by the addition of applications and features, even inofficial app stores.

The method, it should be noted, often deletes the warranty of your computer because you consent to the violation of the Apple End User License Agreement each time you purchase a new iPhone. 

In addition, Apple continued to lock its network hardware and software because of the inherent security hazards and made jailbreaking apps intentionally difficult.

 In addition, jailbreaks are typically very minimal and very dependent on the version of the phone and the iOS to replicate them successfully.

 The only problem with jailbreak Checkra1n , It gets wiped out when the device reboots.Although a Jailbreak could be triggered only by MacOS, Linux support was obtained last month, enabling non-Apple devices to make a Jailbreak. 

The Correlium team thus found that a semi-workable version of Android on an iPhone can be enabled via the Checkra1n jailbreak exploit. The result is almost the same as a temporary operating system running on your iPhone.

Correlium's Project is offering IOS virtualization software and apps including virtual versions of iOS devices that are running what Apple calls unauthorised copies of IOS. Which Apple  sued the company last year for alleged copyright infringements. 

 Production also follows Apple's announcement of last year, as part of a new iOS Security Research Program, that it will offer special iPhones with less restrictive root access to security research than their users. 

 While Project Sandcastle is an enormous achievement, jailbreaking and rooting devices are of course a source of own risks.

Although Project Sandcastle is a major achievement, jailbreakers and rooting devices are inevitably associated with their own risks. 

The project is growing to include the other iPhones in the jailbreak. If you follow the instructions here, you can give the beta a shot.  

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