Over 400 thousand Southeast Asia Credit Cards Leaked on Dark Web

Technisanct has recorded an infringement of 310,669 credits from major banks issued in countries including Malaysia, Singapor, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, based in India and a start-up in the Cybersecurity Department.

It has been reported that in the dark web, the details of the Philippines ' credit card were most found with 172 828 cards. A total of 37,145 Malaysian credit cards, second in the list, were scored. In Indonesia, 35,354 credit card details followed suit with the third highest number.

The lowest blow, with 16,908 credit accounts, is registered by Thailand. 25,290 and 23,144 cards were respectively violated in Singapore and Vietnam.  The unlawful array of threats from the financial sector was discovered in the dark web by the Technisanct risk analysis team when they investigated Southeast Asia.

 More than 1136 bank identification numbers have been registered by the team, including information concerning card numbers, card holder name, CVV and date of expiration. PIN numbers were also revealed in some cases. It was discovered from their quest that the Dark Web sells each card on its remainder. The more the balance remains, the more expensive the card will be.

The findings are worrying because nobody knows the immense amount of payment card information available to the public, says Nandakishore Harikumar, CEO of Technisanct. The breach could cause financial losses for credit card owners, Harikumar recalled. Card issuers and banks, on the other hand, may also face a diminished credibility.  In order to report this to the computer emergency response network (CERT), Technisanct has taken steps.

The MAS has continued to track for cyber-threats that might also include card fraud in the country, while Malaysia and the MAS has taken necessary steps to investigate the case of their respective countries. CERT is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of all cyber-threats.

 We recommend that you keep an eye on irrelevancy of charges or signs of foreign transactions on your account when you have concerns that your wallet or credit card will be on the dark web. If such actions occur, notify your bank and immediately cancel your account.
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