Microsoft Issue Warning to all Users On the New Corona Phishing technique Used by cybercriminals

The World now changing and most things now gone digital, of Which Microsoft stated 'most 90% of cybercrime or attack uses email'.Cybercriminals always focusing on a new way  to bypass security.

In A Blogpost Microsoft reveals a new security tool called 'signal sharing across services' which helps all other user who An't using Microsoft Email platforms eg:

  • Office 365
  • Or Host Exchanger
but using Windows Os with Windows Defender enabled are protected 

Earlier this month, a spear-phishing campaign was launched by an attacker 
 spear-phishing campaign was launched by an attacker,
Attackers have created an e-mail that appears to be a legitimate supply chain risk record with an update mainly based on disturbance caused by COVID-19. The Attachment however was malicious, and the Lokibot trojan was used for a sophisticated multi-layer payload.

Microsoft stated All users must latest update installed on your Windows Device include your Microsoft defender and enable 'cloud-delivered protection'.
Lastly It very advisable to report any Suspicious Email or Link  .
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