How to Become a Professional Hacker - Ethical Hacking

You know many times I usually received messages on my Facebook page, With one particular Question? hi, how to become a hacker,
' Do you know how to hack Facebook  Account '
'Can you teach me how to hack into my girlfriend Cell phone or Her WhatsApp Account.' "

My at this moment you realize our generation we are in,  Don't really understand the meaning of the term a 'Hacker'. Which mostly explained by Google: gain unauthorised access to data on a computer. But one thing I can say for sure it not entirely true, For me a Hacker is one with all the necessary skill/one who's knowns a bit in codes ().

Notice: Hacking into once phone or Computer without Authorise of it own it pretty much illegal.

Today with this post am just gonna introduce
this topic.

Before being a 'Hacker' has a whole you must understand a few concepts of it term.
1• Hacking is a skill
2• Skills are not again overnight
3• You need to be a Programmer to gain that Skills
4• You need to be patients

I know you maybe ask? Why do I have to mention Programmer and skill
It because you need to be A programmer to code your own tools/software maybe web development etc, And the reason is the more you write your codes the more you skilled and with the skill you need patients, And you coding is a little bit of frustrating cause a single sign and cox a whole new different cost or damage to your invention. And we come to why you need all this 4 list on becoming a professional hacker

You need to identify and solve your Problem first. You cant be a pentester without this 4 list neither can you be A hacker if you Computer has been Hack or affected with Malware.

We will be posting once a week on the guide of becoming A Pro Hacker(Ethical)

Try choosing your  Language you wish to learn  And Comment in the section below


2• Javascript
6• C && C++
7° more if you are a noob and you wanna start learning this I advised you Download the Solo Learning app  and give it a try 

Part2 will be posted on how to choose your programming languages. Leave a comment if anything
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