Hackers Aim to Exploit Zero-day Vulnerabilities in LILIN CCTV Cameras

LILIN CCTV cameras 0-day vulnerability

Reseachers from 360netlab risk analysis tool have noticed many hackers in  seeking to exploit zeros day vulnerabilities found in   LILIN CCTV cameras.
Hackers use the vulnerability to unravel Chalubo, FBot und Moobot botnets, as described in their blog posts.

In August 2019, the scientists first discovered that these 0 day vulnerabilities had been exploited actively. They saw the assailants taking advantage of the insects during the Chalubo distribution. In addition, they saw the cybercriminals attacking FBot and Moobot's networks in order to exploit the vulnerabilities at the start of this year.

As a result, LILIN ended up patching the deficiencies of firmware 2.0b60 20207 due to the non-stop prompts sent to the vendors. With a CVSS ranking of 10.0, businesses have systematically established such vulnerabilities . The vulnerabilities found include their advisory.

The affected devices includes DHD516A and DHD508A and DHD504A, DHD316A and DHD308A as well as DHD216A and DHD216A.

Users of all affected devices need to ensure they update the respective 2.0b1 20200122 firmware.

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