Singapore Police Phishing Website Conviced People into giveout their Credit card Details

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) warned networks that victims will be able to reveal sensitive details on their web-browsers through a fake police web site.

This Phishing website would then trick the user by making them think the Computer have been compromised by Displaying  fullsize Image, preventing them from  clicking on the start menu on your Computer Display.
This website would then acuse the victim of access authorised website block by the singapore Govn, include illegal porno.

The website then tells the user that a SGD 1.000 fine is paid using a credit card for accessing the client and the device. It is then tricky for the customer to provide his / her credit card detailed information including card number, name, expiration date, and card value (CVV) to pay the fine on the fake website.

The police noted that such websites are in fact phishing sites that are meant to collect and use personal data of a victim to make unauthorized transactions, leading to monetary loss.

Police inSingapore clarified that they have no access to the desktop or web browser lock, adding that is an official SPF website. First, don't believe any other site claiming to be part of the Police Force of Singapore
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