Microsoft is Introducing a New Antivirus Program for Android and iOS; To Prevent User from Phishing Attacks

Security researchers have noticed an increase in malware-based apps in recent years, most of which have impacted Android users. Although the threat actors succeed in releasing malicious apps in Play Store and other marketplaces, they adopt many security measures.

Microsoft recently planned to launch a new Android and iOS antivirus protector app. The company is designing software for operating systems designed to provide "complete command line experience" for antivirus protection.

 While the software giant did not reveal anything that the app would do, it is worth noting that the company would present it at the RSA Conference which will take place in Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, from February 23rd to 28th.

Security researchers have told Google on the presence of malicious apps in the Play Store earlier on several occasions. Although the tech giant has deleted many of these compromised applications and the recent blog post, 600 malicious applications have been removed to provide' disruptive' ads.

A report showed that Cheetah Mobile was one of the major contributors to vulnerability apps in the Play Store. The report says that around 45 of these newly prohibited applications were built by Cheetah. But, after the update, there are still many apps that can cause problems on a mobile computer and spread a virus that makes the system vulnerable.

Microsoft stared at the Defender MacOS antivirus about a year ago, changing its name to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). ATP was introduced. In addition to the capacity to perform quick or full scanning, the defender program claims to provide complete virus and threat protection.

As the software giant has described, it is probably very different for mobile Defender customers from the design edition, particularly because IOS platforms prevent malware apps across Apple devices from being scanned.

While there are currently several anti-virus apps on the market, such as App Store and Play Store. All of this is not, however, precise enough according to the experts. Now that Microsoft enters the growing market, the company is expected to provide the most advanced security software to prevent malware from being sideloaded to smartphones in Android apps.

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