Dozens of critical flaws are in 5 Adobe Software launches patches

Today, Adobe has released a total of 42 newly discovered security updates for 5 of its commonly used applications, of which 35 are critical.The first four of the five affected applications, all listed below, are vulnerable to at least one crucial weakness in the ability of the attacker to manipulate sensitive systems.

  • Adobe Framemaker

    • Adobe Acrobat and Reader
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • Adobe Digital Edition
    • Adobe Experience Manager
    In short, Windows ' Adobe Framemaker, a state-of- the art software processor for papers, includes 21 bugs, all of which contribute to code execution attacks and are a crucial buffer bug, heap overflow, and memory corruption.In addition to 12 critical code execution vulnerabilities, Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and MacOS also include 3 other important information leaks and a moderate memory leakage question.

    In reality, Adobe Flash Player's latest update, one of the most notorious applications with the worst ever security record, has fixed another key execution fault. When used, the vulnerability could make it possible for hackers to reach target computers on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chrome OS. In Digital Edition, another common Adobe e-book reader software program has also fixed a new critical execution of arbitrary code and an important information disclosure issue.

    Ultimately, there's no critical factor this time with the Adobe Experience Manager, which is a robust content management system for creating websites, mobile applications and forms, but a significant denial of service problem (DOS) is fixed which only affects versions 6.5 and 6.4 of the software.Although not one security flaw that was discovered or found to be abused publicly in the wild this month, The Hacker News strongly recommends that the new versions of the affected software be downloaded and patched.

    Although none of this month's security vulnerabilities have been exposed in public and found to be exploited in the wild, the Hacker News strongly recommends that readers download and upgrade the new versions of the affected apps.If the availability of the new update is not detected automatically by your program, you can install it manually, by choosing "Help Checks Updates" for Windows, makOS, Linux, and Chrome OS in your Adobe software.

    In addition, other common system security standards should also be adopted. This may include: executing all the least priviliged applications, Avoiding untrusted or unknown source downloading or uploading of data, Not accessing websites with untrusted or suspicious credibility and Network-level external access blocks to all critical systems unless explicitly accessed.
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